Action Stations

Campaign to end free riding

The Good Life can follow the Covid-19 pandemic. Every possibility, however, is contingent on producing and pooling the net flow of energy – Rent – for the common good.

Action Stations

To empower all of us, contribute to the conversation on #WeAreRent

Create initiatives in your local communities: every intervention counts.

Engage with other reformers to explain how their issues originated in the single structural problem.

Unite the many campaigns under the banner of #WeAreRent, to achieve the common goal – justice.

If we decline to reform the way that we are taxed by governments, we can no longer complain about the pathologies – expressed through class, colour and creed – that afflict our lives.

Our Slogan

“Keep what you create, pay for benefits received.”

The list goes on…

Understanding the bias in tax policies leads to the enlightenment that is needed to motivate action. Insights and information can be found in Fred Harrison’s books listed on the website.

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Existential threats

Existential threats – from climate change to political paralysis, from economic chaos to demographic tensions and military confrontations – have one ultimate root cause: anti-social property rights and deadweight taxes. The tax-and-tenure nexus was designed into society’s foundations by free riders (aka rent seekers).

The problem is NOT “the 1%”. The practical problem is with the 60%: you, and me. We own small plots of land beneath our homes. Through the property market we have been co-opted into the culture of cheating. The remedy:

Abolish taxes on earned incomes: wages from labour and profits from our entrepreneurial investments. Public services are self-funding, through the Rents which they create.

Economic Rent

Economic rent is not what we pay to hire a car or an apartment. It is the unique stream of value contributed by nature (think: the radio spectrum we use to work our cell phones) and by society (think: public transport systems), and by all of us working together in our communities.

Deleting the deadweight taxes in favour of revenue from Rent would eliminate the culture of cheating and empower people to nurture nature back to health.

Sustainable Economics

Organically, the boom/bust syndrome would disappear as people turned away from land speculation and invested in their human attributes, including aesthetic sensibilities and moral values. Society would become discrimination-free.

Reform of taxation – the government’s public pricing system – would transform the pricing system in the markets. But this reform must be democratically mandated. Consent is needed to empower the transition to sustainable economics; to ensure care for vulnerable citizens; and to avoid further disruptions to fragile communities.

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