Pillars of the Evolutionary Blueprint

#WeAreRent is the multi-disciplinary approach to empowering people to fulfil their personal aspirations while honouring their social obligations.

#WeAreRent is the methodology that synthesises

the metaphysics of humanity: the study of reality at the interface between humans and the rest of the world, revealing the nature of being and knowing

the empirical reality: the scientific study of the universe to understand how the laws of nature both constrain and empower people in their daily lives

the evolutionary blueprint: knowledge of the working relationships between humans that made possible the growth out of nature

#WeAreRent expresses the existential reality on which humanity rests as a unique species. It encompasses

biology: the evolution of humans beyond the Darwinian subsistence process of genetic adaptation

morality: the codes that secure the flow of energy – Rent – which made possible the evolution of humanity

sociality: the inter-generational responsibility to convey the legacy assets to future generations

#WeAreRent embodies the knowledge that combines

science: the discipline for turning intuitions into rigorous explanations for the Social Galaxy

ethics: the codification of rules to enforce the moral behaviour that sustains communities

politics: the administrative techniques for organising complex civilisations

The list goes on…

Understanding the bias in tax policies leads to the enlightenment that is needed to motivate action. Insights and information can be found in Fred Harrison’s books listed on the sharetherents.org website.

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Rent, as the classical economists defined it, constitutes the living tissue of our humanity. It is the flow of energy that was originally invested in our bodies, minds and communities. Rent sustains the further evolution of humanity through

improvements to the legacy assets (biological, psychological and social) that are conveyed to future generations;

investment in infrastructure (material and cultural) to support people’s aspirations under conditions of freedom; and

defence of the Social Galaxy, the sphere people created to nurture them through the evolutionary process.

Rent is the value that we all help to produce,

net of wages: people earn their living by working to fund their personal lives;

net of profits: people invest their savings as capital to enhance production; and is

the resources reserved to fund the assets and services that people need to share.

People working in communities organically co-operate to produce sufficient Rent to

abolish taxes on wages and profits: these are arbitrary exactions which damage health and wealth;

transform power into the benign forms that people need to administer their communities; and

secure freedom from interventions by others whose power rests on the private appropriation of rent.

The Social Galaxy

The earliest humans constructed a space that was increasingly detached from nature. Through self-awareness, they found ways to manipulate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, making it possible to

develop codes of conduct to enforce behaviour that would sustain the evolutionary project

deepen the built environment, the infrastructure that empowered people to realise their dreams

outlaw free riding on other’s labours, which is behaviour that would erode community cohesion

The threat to civilisation

Rent seeking is now the dominant force in society. It erodes the productivity of working people, weakens democratic governance and depletes the resources needed to secure social resilience. That is why

ancient civilisations collapsed: their priests and princes converted Rent into private incomes

classical civilisations were corrupted: the elites created latifundia estates by displacing people from their farms

over the last 500 years, European aristocracies abandoned their public duties in favour of the private life funded by Rent: the outcome is a culture of cannibalism.

Free riding creates insatiable appetites, ultimately driving the consumption of the last vestiges of the value adding economy. As the legacy assets inherited from ancestors are depleted, the evolutionary tools become unfit for purpose. That is the state of our world today.

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