The West faces an existential threat

If we fail to pull back from the tipping point, humanity itself will be in jeopardy. The evidence is revealed in a trilogy that traces how this happened, the frighteningly short timetable for remedial action, and what we need to do about it.

Fred Harrison’s three new books

Rent is the living tissue of our humanity, writes Fred Harrison. Early humans gravitated out of nature when they learnt how to create that flow of energy, and to pool it for the common good. They invested that unique flow of resources in their bodies, minds and communities. That process became the evolutionary blueprint that culminated in Homo sapiens.

Book 1

Published Jan 2021

Available from book stores and on Amazon

Book 1 traces the pathologies of the modern world to their roots in the tax-and-tenure systems. Book 1 explains how cultures were shaped over the last 500 years to the final phase of cultural cannibalism which now prevails in the 21st century.

Book 2

Published Mar 2021

Book 2 explains how the United Kingdom and the European Union could serve as beacons of hope, if they agreed to adopt the principles of good governance. That means reshaping their revenue systems in favour of justice and economic efficiency.

Book 3

Published Jun 2021

Book 3 locates the remedy – a Fund for One-World Rent – on the global scale. Peace and prosperity for all nations would be the rewards from authentic free trade. Nations would be mobilised into effective action to nurture nature back to health.

The list goes on…

Understanding the bias in tax policies leads to the enlightenment that is needed to motivate action. Insights and information can be found in Fred Harrison’s books listed on the website.

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